non-profit change-the-world organizations

I have repeatedly tried to appeal to people interested in the idea of finding compatibles, but most of the people who have responded (the very few, sad to say) want someone now, not a plan for changing the world. Indeed, I can offer very little to such people other than the advice that dating services are at best worthless and probably harmful. I see now that I must try to attract the attention of people in non-profit change-the-world organizations or people with a deep seated interest in changing the world. For, as I said in my first post, to make it possible to find compatible people, places, job, educational opportunities, and so on, would be to change the world more than anyone can imagine. Want to solve the drug problem? Don’t address the symptom, the drug abusers, the drug trade, instead address the root of the problem, which is the social environment which leads people to abuse drugs. Whatever problem your non-profit organization addresses, whatever problem interests you, I claim that it is susceptible to the cure I prescribe. See my first post for some information on that. Please, try to understand what I am saying and why.


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