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What sounds less possible than Practical Immortality? It might be called a fantasy, a technological fantasy. For this and other ideas, see my other blog, Technological Fantasies.
I claim that immortality is possible, in just the way described in my first post here. Indeed, I think all of the fantasies on that other blog are possible, and I hint at how they might be achieved. I hope someone will review these fantasies and criticize them.

I have another blog, my first, which defines what I believe to be the first step to accomplishing any of these fantasies. To work on such extraordinary projects we must find compatible people.
I have a blog called FindCompatibles, which is not only about finding people to work together, but also about finding lovers, friends, jobs, and other aspects of a person’s social environment.

I do think immortality is achievable, practical, and probably inevitable. Please review my first post in this blog to see what I mean. I hope someone will complain that this is nonsense. I claim it is not. I’d like a chance to defend my views.


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