finding blogs is finding compatibles problem

Nobody finds this blog. I never find a blog that interests me. I know that the contents of this blog would interest many people out there. I am even more sure that there are blogs out there that would interest me. But somehow we just don’t find each other. This is clearly a problem of the FindCompatibles type, the kind of problem this blog addresses. What to do about this?
Well, currently there is no good solution. Even Google is not an adequate search engine, and this is not really a searching problem but a matching problem. Ideally people should be able to find this blog or your blog whether they know what to search for or not. Ideally, this blog and your blog should be drawn to the attention of those it would interest, whether they search for it or not. In essence matching blogs to people is creating links within our social and informational environments.

I have some vague ideas about how to do this, but they need work. Attempts to find blogs should find the right ones, even if keyword searching on a search engine do not. Somehow a user should be able to keep a profile, then send out a summary of it with any added keywords that seem appropriate, so the search engine can do more than just a keyword search. Also, search engine providers should be able to keep profiles on users, without privacy or security problems, so they can notify users of appropriate blogs or web pages when they appear. But these notifications much not just be spam. An interesting problem.

I think the solution probably lies in having incoming data anonymized so that the searching or matching engine providers never know who is asking, and the anonymizing mechanism should be open to public inspection and regularly monitored to make sure it works. Equally the mechanism that de-anonymizes, taking data from a numbered user and turning into an e-mail address should also be open to the public and carefully monitored. The provider should have no access to the e-mail addresses or contents of the e-mails sent out under its name. To avoid a spam problem, users should be able to specify how much and how often they will receive an e-mailed message from a given source. Messages should be prioritized before de-anonymization.

All this seems possible to me. I probably have made mistakes even in the few details I hint at, but something like it is possible. I wish I could get the Google people or one of their competitors to work on this, but I am not sure how to do that. I am not good at getting my ideas across.
I hope someone can help, even if only by disagreeing with me and thereby forcing me to think harder about all this.

As before, let me suggest that you look at my Technological Fantasies and Practical Immortality blogs on this host. I think they are worth at least a quick look at.


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