helping to find suitable blog

Blogs are greatly over-rated, as I have said, suffering from the same problems as other things addressed in this FindCompatibles blog. Using google I could not even find this blog myself.
Would more key phrases help? Find compatible people. Find jobs. Find a match. Search for a compatible person search for a suitable job. What else. There are many many FindCompatibles
problems, (see first post), but it’s hard to think up words or phrases that might help.

One of my two other blogs has a similar problem. I could not find my Technological Fantasies
blog myself. On the other hand, my Practical Immortality blog was the first one listed when I searched for Practical Immortality on a Google Blogs search, though it was invisible if I just searched the web. Another odd thing. Although this FindCompatibles blog and my Technological Fantasies blog were invisible on google blog or web searches, I did find one of the posts on each that contained a reference to Practical Immortality. Strange.

Anyway, nobody but myself has posted anything on any of the three blogs. Why is that? Well, it is hard to find suitable blogs, of course.


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