where to post about immortality?

Using Google I could find a few relevent blogs that I could find no way to post on, and a few ancient posts on this subject on unrelated blogs where I could make add a comment to some two year old posting, but nothing except this blog itself where I could easily post at all. Actually if when I searched for Practical Immortality on the web I found nothing useful, but when I searched for Practical Immortality on blogs this was at the top of the list. Even so, nobody but myself has posted on it.

Completely invisible no matter how I searched for them were my Technological Fantasies and FindCompatibles blogs when I searched for them in any obvious way, though oddly enough I found a couple of post on them which happened to contain the phrase Practical Immortality.

If someone could find me any blog on practical immortality to post on I would be grateful. Some seem to exist but I could not find any way to post on them. Frustrating. Help me, please.

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