novels about finding compatibility

I have written some novels about finding compatible people, places, jobs, educational institutions and material things. None are satisfactory, one is obscenely long, another just way too long, a third may actually be of publishable length. I will begin to serialize abridgements of the long ones on a web page soon — actually they are now available for reading online or downloading from my books page. It is worth noting that most of the ideas posted in these various blogs of mine came into being during the writing of the longest of the three, the immense Green Family Chronicles, over 5000 pages and counting. This book turned out to be so filled with technological fantasies that I started another, Technological Fantasies, now more or less complete at 1500 pages. The one I periodically try to publish is called Harmony and Matching, bringing in musical motif as well as talking about matching compatibles.

I fell so much in love with the characters in my longer two books that I could not stand the idea of killing them off. So as the eldest member of the Green Family reached the end of his life he was resurrected immediately into a computer, not as a copy but as himself. Thus began a whole new theme for this novel and it was also used in Technological Fantasies. See my Practical Immortality blog for more information.

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