Finding Compatibiles in Tech Fantasies Book

I have now posted the entire text of the novel Technological Fantasies on my web site. The links for it are on my books page, or on Technological Fantasies, and are full of stuff about finding compatibles. This theme dominates the first half of the book, then the themes of Practical Immortality and Non-Arbitrary Languages become more prominent.

In the early sections of the book, matching people to people for various reasons is discussed and the lead characters implementing it are shown at work. But also matching people to ideas, ideas to ideas, and ideas to projects are described. All of this falls under the FindCompatibles umbrella.

In the middle section of the book schools based on compatibility are described and important characters grow up in the compatibility based social environments thus created.

The novel is long, but I think it is a good one, a lot of fun, actually. But I am biased. I hope someone will read it and comment.


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