Recent changes to Social Technology site

There have been many changes to the Social Technology site. New pages have been added to fix some missing links, new footers have been added to better direct page visitors to the more interesting pages, and cross-references have been added to most pages, backlinks. Most importantly, the complete novel Social Techs has been put up on the site with individual HTML pages for each year of the chronological novel. It will now be possible to refer (link) to specific pages from the set of non-fiction pages which are the backbone of the site. New examples of Social Technology have been added. A social networking tool similar to facebook, Elgg, has been been set up for users. Instances of Drupal, Joomla and pHpBB have been installed, and will be made available soon, once some content has been added. It is hoped that all these changes will attract visitors to the site. Now what remains to be done is quite formidable. Pages have to be updated, some of their content posted on this and other tools, and corrections have to be made. But the basic material is up there.

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