New sites and wiki, but still pushing content is hard. It should not be, for anyone.

It is some measure of how neolithic our social technology is when it is so very difficult to create and promote content. In the past few days I have added a wiki here, on this site, signed up for other, put pages on hosted sites, but none of these activities are easy or interconnect in any easy way.

This is all wrong. In the Technological Fantasies novel a matching engine is used to match ideas to people to ideas. If you have an idea, the engine will find people who might be interested adding your idea to a (short) list of ideas they can consider. Since they are selected out of a large number of candidates by a powerful tool, the match is almost perfect, they are sure to be interested in what you have to say. Conversely, if you are seeking interesting ideas to work on or write about, the matching engine will find the best ones for you. Of course the same matching engine is used for matching people to people, jobs, places to live and learn, and so on, but matching people to ideas to people is a good one. It can also match ideas to ideas, producing an idea board for each posted idea, where other, similar or appropriate ideas will cluster. None of this is easy. Matching is much, much harder than searching, but elsewhere I have described a mechanism for doing it.    By the way, the widget and plugins for wordpress which should make this easier sometimes, like today, make it stop working at all.   Sigh.


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