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I created this blog quite a while ago, but have badly neglected it, for many reasons. Instead of writing text to post here or on my web pages I have been writing fiction.

I should explain that my web site and this blog were created to promote not just social technology but high-tech social technology.

I have a background in engineering, mathematics and computing science as well as an interest in how society works.

It doesn’t.

For decades I have invited people to imagine a world in which it would be easy to find an almost perfectly suitable job and and an almost perfectly compatible spouse. As I have explained elsewhere, the world I imagine would also be one without war, poverty or substance abuse.

To most people this seems impossible. Surely I must be an unrealistic dreamer. But this is where hi-tech social technology enters the picture. The higher the technological level, the more of this is possible.

I plan to use this blog regularly now, to explain some of the technology I have been working on. In the meanwhile, I suggest looking at the first chapter of an on online e-book I have written. “Technological Fantasies”, available from The book itself is in four volumes, available as PDF files, to be downloaded or read online. It is a very very long book, only for the brave. Best to look only at the first chapter.
Other books are available via the same web page. “Harmony and Matching” is not too bad. “The Green Family Chronicles” must not be read until some commentary on it’s sexuality has been posted.

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