AddCanC and FilterCandC

In the absence of really good social tools, we have access to a growing number of tools which are aimed at social networking. These tools are all for adding contacts and content. Let me coin a neologism here:
AddCandC, as in “He tries to AddCandC to his blog”, or just “She AddCandCs her blog.” Neologisms are useful for use in search strings.

The tools for AddCandCing are only half of the picture. We need tools for social filtering, for breaking social connections. As an example, consider a person who has started a Facebook group (far too many people have done that – there are too many groups). He or she may want to remove members whose contributions are inappropriate.

This is a difficult problem to solve – people object to being booted out of a group, even one they abuse. The best way I can think of to manage this is by swapping people to another group. People should not have to deal with both loss of membership and the need to seek new membership at the same time. Instead, a new “home”, a different group (or groups) which better suits the person’s interests should be automatically found.

If this search is successful, a notice about the pending transfer should be sent out, then (the one, or best) performed after a single mouse click approval. If not approved within a few days, the person’s membership should be cancelled. A single click on the removal notice should be enough to restore membership.

This is just an example of a social filtering tool, which, by analogy I will call FilterCandC, as in “He tries to FilterCandC his blog”, or “She FilterCandCs”. Again, a a neologism useful for dealing with search engines.

An improved version of this kind of tool might allow general Facebook FilterCandCing, whereby relatively inactive people and groups are made less visible for searches. “Expand Search” should be an option, so people are less likely to get lost in the maze of groups. Taken together with “Add Restrictions”, these options could accomplish what is really desired, to find the right people or groups. — dpw

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