Let’s Write Some Software

Enough talk. Let’s do something. Alright, some talk, I am allowing myself one blog post a day. But it is time to do some serious development work.

Do what? Well, some new very hi-tech social technology software is needed. Let’s create some.

I don’t want or expect to do it all by myself, but I could, in time. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

Without doing more than a sketchy analysis I have chosen to work using the content management system called Drupal. Though in theory it could be used to manage any kind of content on any kind of system, it is intended for communication amongst users of the WorldWide Web.
This usage brings it into the area of social technology.

Not long after creating this website, the latest in a sequence of several about social technology, I chose some software to work with. My choice was WordPress, which runs this blog, phpBB, for discussions, and Drupal, for managing web pages. To my pleased surprised I found book titled, “Building Online Communities with Drupal, pHpBB and WordPress”.

So, it seems that my choices were at least a plausible combination that might be appropriate for a clearly social technological task – building online communities. Good. Then let’s use them.

I am already using WordPress, for this blog, and already see why it not perfect for the task. I haven’t done enough work with Drupal to be sure, but if the book is to believed, it would not meet my requirements either — it is important to spell these requirements out, that is the essence of analysis and the first thing I will use Drupal for. I don’t know what to think about phpBB yet.

Well, this is today’s post. Not much but promises, so far. I don’t want to promise what I can’t deliver, but I will commit to a daily blog post which will mention progress at least once a week. — dpw

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