Internal Link Mess

Did I say Drupal? Hmm. Maybe I was a bit too hasty. Correct me if I am wrong, but this famous CMS seems crippled – there is no good way of inserting internal links. Compared to wiki software, which does this so easily, Drupal seems a joke. I did create a pretty front page though, I don’t like most online documentation, so I usually buy hardcopy books. I have two on Drupal, which helped me see why I shouldn’t have bothered buying them. I also have a Joomla installation, which I have done nothing with, and book about it. Internal links seem easier to do with Joomla, but not wonderful.

So I am investigating PHP-Nuke. Looks good, so far, from the online documentation, and I have hardcopy in the mail, I think, unless someone else got their order in for’s last copy before I did.

Well, enough chit-chat. I am still enthusiastic about writing (and collecting open-source) software for a new, hi-tech, social technological era. Don’t tell me it can’t be done! — dpw

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