Comprehensive Software to be Developed

As has been said for web pages, blogs and even Facebook pages, the three things that matter are, you guessed it, content, content, content. That is the content itself, not the way in which it is presented. So all my whining about Content Management Systems is rather beside the point. What matters is what I say.

On the other hand, my complaints about existing software are relevant if I am talking about writing new software. I am still trying to get that set up. My web host provider provides the cPanel and Fantastico, which make it easy to install software packages. One of these, commercial software they have a site license for is SohoLaunch Pro, which has quick-start features but is basically just another CMS. 

I could complain about it, too, but at least it does seem to handle internal links well. 

SohoLaunch apparently needs to be installed either in the document root of a domain, or in that of a subdomain. I had been thinking about setting up a subdomain anyway, so now forced into it, I did.  Though the site is approximately empty, it is now

There will be much more on the pages managed by those systems than I would put in this blog. The blog is for basic information, not detailed work. It will have to be spelled out on those pages, but I see a link between something like Facebook, ordinary blogs and content management system, and the mass of social survey data which has been collected over the years.

This is far from obvious, but it may be easiest to notice that Facebook has some rather unsophisticated personality and interest profiling in it. This could be made much much better using social survey data to suggest attributes. Rather than just asking a lot of boring questions, the utility could engage in a dialogue based on questions like “From the information you have already submitted we guess that you might be more interested in music than in the visual arts. Is this true?”

What has that to do with something as mundane as a content management system. Well, as said above, the three most important things are content, content, content. The framework in which this content would be collected and managed could be set up for each user on the basis of a few simple questions together with a basic profile of the user.

Some content could be imported from other locations. For example, the some of the same information entered by the user could be copied almost verbatim from the social networking site. Some information from pages maintained by the CMS could be inserted into the pages maintained by the social networking utility.

In fact, both could be different components of one and the same software system.

That is the objective of the software development project, as I envision it.   —  dpw

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