Quick Software Review, and Request for Requirements Input

Just briefly, I am still trying things out. I remain disatisfied with Drupal and now see similar internal linking problems with Joomla. Some systems are iffy. I am in general impresses with TikiWiki, which has very powerful CMS capabilities as well as supporting a blog and wiki, but in the wiki the rather attractive internal and external link system just doesn’t work sometimes. Some links never work, others end up at the front of the page, regardless of where you place them, some show up only as wiki source in the final text, never what was supposed to be there. This is a terrible nuisance, almost but not quite enough to make me give up on it. I also find it slow. Template based systems are often slow, so much has to be done before anything gets loaded, then there is so much loaded on the page. A fast wiki is phpWiki, and I like the professional SohoLaunch that comes free with my web hosting package, but it lacks a wiki. TikiWiki would be best, if it was reliable. It is recent, too, no hardcopy book to buy, yet.

On the development side, I have still written only a very few requirements for the software to be written. What I really want is input from other people. What would you like to see a new generation, hi-tech, social software system do? I see it matching people to other people, to jobs, to projects, to ideas and to cultural objects.
I see it as as software development resource for those matched to software development projects, and especially to itself, its own development.

What are your software fantasies, your technological fantasies?

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