Technology and Love

Posting elsewhere I was reminded of discussions I have had with people who view technology with suspicion. Some of those were horrified to learn that I wrote about social technology linking people in near-perfect relationships. Reminded of the Beatles’ assertion that “Money can’t buy you love”, someone said “Technology can’t bring you love.” There we parted ways, but the conversation lingers in my memory. I am inclined to say that only technology can bring you love, in the sense that nothing we can do ourselves without technological help can ever guarantee to find you love. You might be lucky. Usually you are not. How hard is it to find lasting love? People who keep track of Hollywood couples see an endless stream of broken marriages, only a few which last. But the few which last are too few to counter my point.

Consider the birthday party principal. If you have 30 people in a room, celebrating a birthday party, what are the odds that two of them share the same birthday, not the same as the host’s but the same as each other. The odds are actually very good, because for each person there are 29 other people who might be a match. Using that principal you would expect to see more stable marriages, even in the Hollywood tempest.

I hate to harp on this idea, going on and on about it, but I continue to think that a solution is around the corner, that someday soon there will be a system, some software, which will actually be able to find people true love. I would not have written so much about this if I was not entirely convinced.

But what about those others, the people who thinki “Technology can’t bring you love”?
I would very much like to hear from them. I miss the old arguments. I don’t think the sceptics have gone away or given up, I think they just don’t realize that anyone is taking the opposing view. Most especially, they certainly don’t realize that anyone is trying to do it, to come up with the technology that could bring them love. Are you out there, believers in pre-ordained love, sceptics who could never accept what I am saying? Let me hear from you.

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