Posts about three basic principles, to come

This is really an announcement of other postings to come. I have three things to say, three basic principles, essential for making the software development project work. In each case I think I know something which is at least not common knowledge, and has perhaps not been stated before. Understanding all three of these is important. I hope I can explain them well enough that you will eventually be able to accept the plausibility of this entire project. Here then is what I will argue for in the posts to follow:

The core of this project is matching people to other people, interpersonal matching – there is much more, but this is key.

This essential element depends on three basic ideas.
People with high error-covariance are also mutually compatible
Whereas transitivity does not hold for individuals, it does hold for groups of individuals
Where a space of entities has a transitive relationship everywhere, genetic or evolutionary algorithms can provide a good linear-time approximation to the desired bipartite matching.

These ideas can be used to define a workable interpersonal matching system.
On the basis of such a system, other matchings are easily obtained. These other kinds of matching and related system capabilities depend on the existence of small local neighbourhoods which can use error-covariance to make estimates and decide questions.

Such neighbourhoods can be quite small, but would be much more effective if each person had at 4 other connections:

Two almost equally compatible same-sex friends, matched by error-covariance to form a decision making trio.
A opposite sex spouse or equivalent relationship, matched by error-covariance to form a numerical estimation pair
The best possible person to very approximately transform the couple from a two-person estimator into a not ideal but still adequate decision making trio.

The central link is that between the opposite sex couple (usual alternative definitions for homosexual or bisexual individuals apply). That link form a very good estimator, useful for a variety of important household functions. With the addition of the third person, as a moderator, forming almost a 3-person decision-making trio, the couple should be able to live and work together most effectively.

Secondary but still very important links connect a person to two same-sex (same alternative definitions apply) friendships.
These will be a decision making trio, very compatible.

This tiny network would be very serviceable for many purposes, but is only a sketch of something which might be much bigger if individuals in the network were replaced by small networks themselves, or if bigger networks were built in other ways.
— dpw

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