Clarifying Yet Again

I feel that I have failed. I got a message today from someone who thought I was talking about how somelike himself could find a good interpersonal relationship, a friend or spouse, and didn’t see why I made the actually computations of matching sound so difficult. He though they would be simple, after the difficult part of collecting good data had been accomplished. What I had to explain, again, is that I am not concerned with matching particular individuals, I am concerned with matching EVERYONE. We each deserve good matches, and they are also essential for social change. Unmatched people are the disaffected ones in our society. It is the existence of large numbers of disaffected people that is responsible for crime, war, poverty, substance abuse, domestic violence, divorce and pretty much all other social ills. Yes, it is very out of fashion to speak of a panacea, but yes, it’s a panacea. If people don’t understand that, then I have truly failed. Well, I will try again, try to explain better.
— dpw

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