Website Changes Coming

Some changes are coming. In anticipation of them I would like to ask people to refrain from using wikis, discussion boards or social networks (Elgg) until further notice.
Discussion should be confined to the Facebook group Social Technology.

It is essential for me to get a more professional look to my site and its subdomains. I have now experimented with a lot of software. The only piece of web-based software I now use regularly is WordPress. That is indispensable for now, but a good content management system and wiki seem essential too.

It is surprising how difficult content management systems make content management. But they do make the look and feel more attractive, so I will have to work with one. TikiWiki includes a CMS and other attractive features, but seems immature, to me. I don’t feel that I can rely on it.

I have complained about the lack of wikis in other CMS systems, but really, it is easy enough to put in a link to one. Having tried several, all mutually incompatible, dammit, I find that I am most comfortable with MediaWiki. And you can’t argue with success – it is the basis of the Wikipedia.

After much experimentation and frustration, I think can revise my opinion of Joomla to a more favourable one. I can live with it.
So, Joomla with links to MediaWiki and WordPress seems to be the end configuration I will be using. To make the transition easier, I will transfer current pages to a subdirectory, putting links to them elsewhere, perhaps on all three components.

To make the transition easier, I needed a new subdomain for software development. What was once will become just

These changes will happen slowly over the next few days. Until then, keep an eye on this blog and the Social Technology group on Facebook. — dpw

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