One Page Sites and Their Creation

After much more effort than ever should be required for such a task, I have ported the Software Development site to Joomla. I now also have a site for both hardware and software development, though I can do no hardware development personally other than contribute to requirements analysis. This site is I will probably focus on only one of these sites, and I am not sure which. Right now both sites may be viewed. They have only one page apiece, but that’s better than nothing. The big or perhaps just scary task of porting the main Social Technology site awaits.

By the way, deciding to use just one Content Management System for everything is a good idea, since so much learning and practicing is needed, and Joomla seems to be as good a choice as any, but like so much available software there is evidence that designers were very vague on the requirements they were trying to meet.

I repeatedly come up against some property of the system and find myself asking if they could possibly have meant to do that. Sometimes I wonder if user documentation should be written before the system is designed, perhaps even before requirements analysis is done, so that the people will have some idea how the thing is suppose to look to users (and system administrators). Reading hardcopy books about this piece of software, like so many others, I find myself thinking again and again, “No, no, they can’t possibly have meant it to work that way.” I the workings of a system are that hard to explain, there is something wrong. — dpw

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