A Busy Week — New Subdomains

It has been a busy week due to my attempts to help a few people who wanted me to provide them a free subdomain and considerable help setting it up. Eventually they decided they wanted a full domain with the domain name they liked the best, and wanted a simpler way of developing their website. Go to http://www.Senvi.org/ to see what they are creating. They were originally using a subdomain which I had set up for them, at http://Entrepreneurs.SocialTechnology.ca/ — which I have retained for my own purposes. This gives me 4 sites, each with Joomla installed. None have very much content, but they all have some. I added a 5th, a site for experimenting with Joomla templates and features, while probably adding information about other content management systems. Those 5 Joomla sites are:


All are online and may be of some interest, despite the small amount of content they currently contain.

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