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There has been a social technology website for almost two decades, and before that there was an active social technology mailing list. In those days social technology was treated first as a concept to be understood, then as a cause.

It has become clear that there needs to be a Social Technology Project. In time this might evolve into a Social Technology Foundation, which would serve the usual purposes of a foundation. It would support endeavours based on social technology, either non-profit or intended to be profitable. Such a foundation would solicit funds from donors then distribute them as grants to non-profit organizations or short-term loans to people wanting to start up a business based on social technology.

Long before there could be any such foundation, there must be a project. In broad general terms we can say that the goals of the project relate to a future in which advanced social technology is as ubiquitous as the primitive versions we have today. Such a future seems inevitable. The only question is how long we have to wait for it.

The Social Technology Project has one clear goal, to make that day come soon. Whether this is done through non-profit organizations or through very profitable business enterprises is not the issue. The only thing that matters is how soon advanced social technology will be available and in common use.

In support of this project, an attempt to organize the development of new social technology has begun, with a website at This development may be either hardware or software, open-source or commercial. As the author of these pages is not at all equipped or skilled enough for the development of new hardware, software will be the focus. A website has been created for a Social Technology Software Development Project, at This is intended as an open-source development project.

It seems unlikely that the future of social technology will be based on the activities of a few people developing open-source software, so entrepreneurs wishing to start up or invest in businesses must be courted.

To inspire and serve the needs of such entrepreneurs, a new website has been created, Please visit these pages.

One related Facebook group is Social Technology
and a Facebook group for the commercialization of advanced social technology, is Advanced Social Technology for Entrepreneurs. New members of both groups are solicited, please join us and discuss topics of mutual interest.  — dpw

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