Fiction Writing Again, and the Ambiguous Font Problem

I have tried again and again to write about Social Technology in fiction, to make it easier to understand. I seem to have a knack for dialog, I think. I will post some on the Social Technology website, soon. Meanwhile, I have come up against the ambiguous font problem. I read aloud a lot, always have, ever since I was a first grade student who went back to read to the class at my old kindergarten. Recently I have been reading about one novel a week to a friend. As always I stumble over words which look almost exactly alike, because, for instance ‘rn’ looks a lot like ‘m’, so ‘burn’ to set on fire, looks a lot like ‘bum’, one’s posterior. When I write fiction I read and modify my text over and over again, and even in my own writing I stumble over ambiguous font problems. Jerry Fitzpatrick designed Crystal, a font designed to be completely unambiguous, but I don’t find it pretty, and if it has a boldface, it’s hard to tell. The old classic OCR A Extended is intentionally unambiguous too, for optical character recognition, but it is rather ugly and has no visible boldface. I hope someone might be able to suggest a good unambiguous font which is nice to look at, too. Or design one, if you can. Meanwhile, I go on writing fiction in the default font Open Office uses, New Times Roman, which is full of ambiguities. I’ll post what I write, which is indeed all about social technology, as all my novels have been. Maybe I’ve learned something since writing them. That was what they were for. — dpw

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