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In the past I have not been too good at multi-tasking when the tasks were so different. I have done web page creation, software development and the writing of fiction. Each seemed to demand my whole attention. It has been especially difficult to switch between writing fiction and doing anything else. I should point out that all of my fiction has been the result of friends and relatives pushing me to write fictional explanations of my difficult concepts. So whatever fiction I wrote was about Social Technology, at least in the beginning, and turned into long thought experiments or mental exercises, attempts to clarify my own thoughts.

By long, I mean long, thousands of pages. The longest have been removed because of possibly offensive sexual content, but others remain and are worth reading, IMHO. Click on if you need to satisfy your curiosity. The Green Family Chronicles and Social Techs have been removed, to my great regret. The title of the one available in four volumns has gotten many of my posts labelled as spam, which would be funny, if it wasn’t so annoying.

Perhaps I have found a better way to work, which might help me do those particular forms of multitasking a little more easily. I have set up 3 blogs, well, 4, but let us not say a single word about the 4th. Of the 3, this is one, the second is for software development, and the 3rd is for new fiction, specifically a new novel. On the fiction blog, which I will try to post something every day, will be a novel called Social Tech High. I have published the first chapter today, at — that entire subdomain will be for that one WordPress blog. And here, now I am posting on the main blog, which will remain general purpose. That leaves the software development blog. I think I can manage a post a day there, too, if I work at it. The key thing is just to keep at it, day by day.

For the software development blog, I will not post code for a long time yet. That is just not the way to do it. I love to write code and I’m often bored with the rest of the development process, but it is essential, especially in a big project like this.   — dpw

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