Seizing a domain name for Social Tech High

As I said, I have been writing a novel about social technology, to promote and inform.  I have not posted today’s chapter yet, but I have done something else of interest.  In the novel, people will have to refer to a website, a specific URL.   I wanted this to be a real URL, and the one I wanted was available, so I seized it.   I have no plans to put much up on this website, mostly just an explanation, like this one, of why it exists, and a link to the novel blog — I have installed some software for this website, but have no plans to put up more than a basic front page.   The new site, mostly just for people in the book to refer to,  is, the three words of the title, run together, plus the desired dot-org suffix.  It’s home page will be available as soon as the domain name registration propagates through the domain name servers, 24 – 72 hours.

I should note again that this is an intentional double entendre, a play on words.   It can refer to the “high” feeling that working with truly advanced social technology will bring, both to the developer and to the user.  It can refer to the proposed high school.  I have chosen a highschool as a setting because they are such socially active and intense environments.

The website will ignore the “high”, manic, implication and focus on the high school.   It will have a note saying that it is an entity from fiction, but also say that a real implementation of it would be highly desirable, so to speak.   The rest of the page would look something like the prospectus for a school, perhaps complete with an architect’s fanciful sketch, and various notions clipped from the novel.   The page will say, in essence, “This is a propsed high school, help us make it real!” , though actually making it real is a bit over the top.  


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