Codebook Problem and Textbook Use

These are two entirely different topics.  One is the problem with studies, like the WLS, which have apparently not digitized their codebooks, which contain information about what the coded variables stand for.

Textbooks are a different thing entirely.  Today’s chapter of Social Tech High my online novel about a highschool using social technology for the sake of its students is out, and deals with textbook selection and use, in ways utterly different from those of today.  I would welcome comments by teachers on these ideas.   The novel itself can be found at the link I always give out, to catch latecomers, — the page for the supposed organization which creates this highschool is at and the new domain for the school itself is at Social Tech High — both are only slightly more than targets for links given in the novel, though I hope that the pages might attract serious attention from some of the comments on them.

Putting this novel out in blog format, one chapter a day is good in that a reader following the book need only read the top entry in the blog.   It is bad for a new reader, however, who must work backward through the blog, as I have found when proofreading entries.  I intend to solve this problem by putting the chapters in chronological order on another page.

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