Social Hardware and Software

My software development blog at  mentions my ongoing struggle to deal with the concepts and future of social hardware before launching into a discussion of more work to be done on social survey data, with what might be a better explanation of why it is needed.   I have another site at which is for development in general, hardware and software.  So far it is contains little information, mostly serving to review how the distinction applies, then referring the user to the software development site, where the above blog is hosted, but it does mention something about social hardware.

The most information about possible social hardware of the future occurs in the latest installment, Chapter Twelve, of my online novel at continuing a story line which began in the previous chapter.   Between the two chapters one can begin to see how something like a cellphone could do more, using neural networks to model social situations.   I am far from though with this subject.   It represents a considerable correction to the otherwise somewhat consistent plot of the much large books from which a few of the characters in this novel were lifted.   All though this one is quite independent, a few key characters and a few ideas have been taken from e-books available through — character sketches and other notes will be added soon to make those similarities and differences clear.   I must admit that in my otherwise futuristic novels that preceded this one I completely missed the rapid development of cellphones and their more powerful descendants.  Though not at all the real or stated intention of the novel, it does try to correct that mistake.

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