Social Hardware and the Nexus

The concept of a Nexus came up today in the latest installment of my online novel — a post mostly about social tech hardware, very advanced social technology in a hand-held cellphone-like package.  The properties attributed to the fictional device were added to, but towards the end of this chapter the properties of a collection of them are discussed.   The possibility that they might form an artificial intelligence, as discussed in another context in a previous post here is presented again in fictional form, with a much more definitive answer when the subject is the network formed by these devices.    The novel concerns a school, Social Tech High, based on advanced social technology.   A key idea is that a social network, whether created by individual communications (in person, for example, or by phone) or mediated by some social technology, can, if extremely well tied together form a nexus, a completely connected entity, by which I mean that each person is connected be an extremely strong link to at least one other person. 

But the idea is stronger than that, as I hint at, right at the end of the chapter.   All human beings are in fact connected, but most links are poor.  A single structure with such strong connections may be able to pull together the other links, tightening a loose network, drawing it together, as pulling on one knot of a tennis net would tighten all the strings a bit, some more than others, but all of them.   This concept needs much more exposition, but will appear again in subsequent chapters.

On my other blog, the software development blog at I have requests for other datasets I can use.  — dpw

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