Predicting an Ending to the Novel

I have not written a word about software development for two days, yesterday and today.  Instead I have been doing work on the novel.  I posted Chapter Twenty-One today, at the usual location,  — it does work, I think.  But more interesting than that, I have tried to keep my timeframe accurate and figure out where the novel is going, before writing too much.  I have now some very brief sketches for Chapters Twenty-Two up to Chapter Twenty-Eight, which looks like it might be the last chapter.  I don’t know how long a book that will be when it is all done.  It’s hard to say.  Not very long.  It might get a bit longer, but only if I stretch out the last two chapters into four.   That would bring an end at Chapter Thirty, and since I have been posting a chapter a day, the novel will be have been finished in almost exactly one month.   Printed out in book form, I imagine it would be short, more of a novella, about 120 pages in length.  I might revise it, going over it from the start — probably should.  That will probably make it longer, but not much longer.   (A great change for a guy who usually turns huge monster novels.)  When it is finished, I will format it nicely and put it into a single PDF file for downloading.  — dpw

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