Towards Ending the Novel

Oops, forgot to upload Chapter Twenty-Four yesterday. — for that online novel of mine at —  I had actually written it the day before that, but kept it on my local disk (in Open Office format) to let me tweak it a little.  Well, I put it up today.  I won’t try to make up for lost time, though.  Posting one a day seems about right.   I have already split the book into 28 chapters, though I don’t know what will be in the remaining chapters, except for a few paragraphs here and there.   I have written the end of the book, though.   Still only a few paragraphs, Chapter 28 ends on poignant note, both happy and sad.  I am a bit sad for having written it.  It obviously does end the book and I can see no useful continuation of it.   I have done some word counts, and realize that my chapters are all about 3,000 words long.   Using the old-time publishers rule of 250 words per page, that would be 12 pages a chapter.  Seems like a lot.  If so, the book would be something like 330 pages long.  Not too bad for a novel, and not too bad for one written in a month.  I still plan to revise it sometime, after the whole thing is finished, but it probably won’t change much.  I’ll then put it up in PDF format, to be downloaded or read online.  My copyright notice allows individuals to copy it for their own use, so someone who wanted it on paper badly enough could print it out.  Time enough for that when it is compete, though — dpw

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