Only Two Chapters Left?

I think I posted the last two chapters of my online novel at over the past two days, as might be expected, since I am writing and posting a chapter a day.  I haven’t posted today’s chapter, Chapter Twenty-Seven yet, and I’m a bit reluctant to do so.  I guess I will, but I’m not sure I want to let it out of my hands.  I think it is the penultimate chapter.   Unless things change, then tomorrow’s chapter, chapter Twenty-Eight, will be the last one!   Oh, surely not!  So soon?  Maybe I’ll hang on to today’s chapter, polish it a bit, and post it tomorrow.  I don’t know.  It already looks pretty good.

On the other hand, there is another possibility.  The two sentences which I composed a week ago as the last sentences of the book might not end it, but occur instead in the middle of a Chapter Twenty-Eight that ends without finishing the book.   Would that help?   I don’t know.  If I ever got past those two sentences, then the book would become rather open ended, I wouldn’t know how to finish it.   That might be good.    I feel that there is more to say,  maybe another chapter or two would give me a chance to say it.  Yes, that might be a good idea.  OK, let me think about it.  — dpw

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