New Domains and Writing Plans

What’s going on?

Well, first of all, I have acquired some domain names, all redirected elsewhere. The are all related to fiction I have written.

I will be putting the enormous books The Green Family Chronicles and Social Techs back online after having gotten legal opinions about the underage sex which is mentioned in various places in the books. Fundamentally about technology and society, the books are definitely not pornographic, but I did have some concerns about the legal issues involved. But the books are OK. They do not involve adults having sex with underage children as defined in Canadian law, and where the activities of younger children are mentioned, they are all sufficiently close in age for this not to be a problem.

As well as putting the full text of these books online, I am also going to put excerpts in various places, including subdomains used as targets for the newly for the newly written books and stories.

I have posted 32 chapters of a book, Social Tech High which will end within a chapter or two. A sequel to it is probably a book, perhaps a short novel or long short-story, is called Connected College, and will also appear in chapters. Like the previous on book, it is primarily a novel of ideas, focusing on social technology. For the sake of this book, the domain and its dot-com version have been obtained. This sequel to will have its own sequel, the third book in the series, called Social Tech University, for which and its corresponding dot-com domain have been obtained.

All three of these books involve the organization described in the first book about Social Tech High, its parent, Technological Fantasies. I once owned domains with that name, but they have disappeared into the black hole of lapsed domains, theoretically up for auction, but in practices unavailable. I have now registered the shorter name and its corresponding dot-com domain to cover the gap. Like all of these, they redirect to subdomains on main site,

I have locations for the huge novels written years ago, both on that main site, but I wanted to make some changes in a shorter novel, and it seemed wise to get a couple of domains for the purpose. The book Harmony and Matching refers to an organization called Project Match. That was a poor choice of name, since there was already such a project, nothing like the one I described. I have decided to go through the book and replace all references to Project Match with references to another organization, Harmony and Matching, which is the title of the book.

Given the proliferation of commercial match-making companies it was hard to find a suitable domain name, but I found I could get and its corresponding dot-com domain. I am glad I got it in time. It would be a shame if someone else did, because the book has much musical content and the word ‘Harmony’ is meant in both obvious ways, musical and social harmony.

So, soon my older novels, The Green Family Chronicles, Technological Fantasies, Harmony and Matching and their union, Social Techs will be available on line once again.

Social Techs was created when I observed that the three previous novels could all be shoe-horned into the same possible world. It took some doing, with some fudging of timelines. But it worked.

The new online novel, Social Tech High, grew out of a brief episode in in Social Techs, but is not consistent with it. This new online book, which has appeared as a blog, defines its own possible world. It is a better one than any of the others.

This inspires me to imagine a prequel, something like the earlier chapters of Social Techs, but better. A fourth book in the series would carry on the story as a considerable improvement over the rest of that huge novel. It may take more than just one.

There are many advantages to doing this. Best of all, the occasional absurdities of the earlier novels could be cleared up. The resulting series will no longer be something ridiculously long, instead it will be separate pieces, suitable for publication, though no ordinary publication is intended – these will be e-books, indented to be read online or downloaded, like all my previous work.

Some of that earlier work will be published in excerpt form, with a few changes. Sections of The Green Family Chronicles and Social Techs refer to a System Missionary Organization, in the sense of Beth’s System, one of the three big non-profit open-source social technology systems. That name no longer seems appropriate. I will be changing it to Social Tech Missions.

For that purpose I have obtained another domain name, which redirects to another subdomain of my main Social Technology site. I hope this will be the last domain name I need for a while.

A brief note about timelines. The online novel Social Tech High covers the period from mid-spring of 2003 to early fall of 2012. The Connected College to be described in the online novel of that name starts in 2009 as a two-year college. A year later it becomes a four-year college, with mostly transfer students, and will graduate its first class in 2014. As explained in the posted short story, The University that Didn’t Exist, there has but has not been a Social Tech University, which does exist, eventually, to handle graduate students from Connected College.

The year 2015 when this university will graduate transfer students under its own name is also the year that, in The Green Family Chronicles and Social Techs the soon to be renamed System Missionary Organization begins. Excerpts from those older novels describing the work of that organization will be posted, with revisions to include the full participation of the new university.

So, what we have here is a plan for excerpting, adapting, rewriting and in general making use of existing material while writing much that will be completely new. The result will sketch how social technology will change the world.   — dpw

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