Concerns about other Social Networking Software, e.g. part of TikiWiki

Having experienced the severe problem caused by some version of Elgg, (see previous post) I am now worried about other social networking software.  I am especially worried about TikiWiki, which does include among its amazing list of feature a social network capability.  I have had no problems with TikiWiki, yet, but I worry.  If anyone has had problems, please let me know.  I have one installation, which I am hosting in a subdomain for someone else.  I think they are using the social networking system (though probably not very much.  Since they are using it, I am reluctant to just delete TikiWiki, but I am now a little worried about it.  It seems that a security whole or some other problem might cause it to misbehave as Elgg.  Anyone who can provide advice, please do.  — dpw

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