Getting an Idea Across

I am still writing this in the first person, mostly, though I have now put up a personal blog. I won’t even bother you with its location until there is worthy content there. I myself don’t matter and would happily drop out of this endeavour of if there was any evidence that others were picking it up. But I did have a clear vision of something, decades ago, and somehow it is just not getting across.

I have had some successes, of course. Years ago I won the annual award for the best social innovation of the year, offered by the Institute of Social Inventions in the UK, which brought with it a thousand pounds, over 2000 dollars, in those days. As a result of this I received a total of two e-mails from interested people. Two.

After that I turned to writing fiction, in an effort to get some ideas across, but just haven’t succeeded yet. Some of you may have read my online novel, Social Tech High. It is clearly a novel of ideas, some interesting, but in retrospect I see that it misses things.

I’ll try again. Any suggestions would be welcome.

By the way, I have been creating websites for elements of my fiction. They almost comprise a new kind of fiction, a mutually consistent set of websites. People who have read Social Tech High may be interested in Green Family Corporation the website for the fictitious corporation begun by Ken Green and for many years managed by Sarah Rivers. It includes “photographs” of Ken Green, Sarah Rivers and their daughter Beth Green. They look like actual photos, I think, but are not. No real people look that way.

The explicit purpose of that website is to explain how Ken Green made his billions, which is not a secret. I’ve only begun to explain it, but will carry on. It might attract somebody’s attention. Or maybe not. Who knows? What might? Again, I am open to suggestion.

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