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I have been putting up stuff of some possible interest. If you go to you will find new posts about how the fictitious Ken Green made his billions and about the origins of Beth’s system. Both are applications of social technology, and while fiction, I think they are very plausible.  Yes, I do think it possible to make a lot of money with social technology, as Ken Green did, but I also think it possible to change the world with it, as he and his daughter Beth have set out to do.   Anyone who has read some of my fiction will probably appreciate seeing the “photos” of these people on that site.

At http:// you will find chapters (eight, so far) of what will be a stand-alone novel, The Social Tech Missions though it currently uses mostly material from The Green Family Chronicles – drastically revised. have one chapter of a sequel to Social Tech High, called Social Tech University at along with a few chapters of the intermediate Connected College, at you may see what I am doing here:- I am creating websites for places which exist only in fiction. It is really a new type of fiction in itself, website fiction.

Http:// corresponds to the book Technological Fantasies and corresponds to the book Harmony and Matching. These books and others are available to be read online or downloaded, from the links given on the page

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