Recent Registrations

This site is set up so that people can register, at which point they become subscribers.   They may also make comments.   I have had very recently had quite a few new registrations, and some of them make me suspicious.  One person’s e-mail address turned out to be phony.   Perhaps that was not a person at all — one recent registration is listed on spambot detection sites as a frequent poster, probably a bot.   I get at least one registration a day with a e-mail address.  This is very suspicious.  All of this is recent.  What is happening?  Have I done something to make my site more vulnerable to spurious registrations?  Well, at least they are not as bad as the actual comments themselves, which Akismet catches.

The Akismet plugin is a little too tough on comments, actually, and labels some perfectly good ones as spam.   For some reason almost all of the flattering comments by people who like the site ended up being called spam.  I have recovered most of them, I think.  Thank you very much.   — dpw

— dpw

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