Data Mining

This page is a quick and dirty prototype and shouldn’t be up on the web at all — it is here just for proofing and link testing, and will be replaced almost immediately by something longer and (probably) better.  

(Local Page Only, I hope )

This page is currently a local page on one of my machines — it comes up in an HTML editor from time to time to remind me what I’m working on.   If you have found it on the web, that must be a mistake, for the web version shouldn’t have the heading above nor this short paragraph.   If you have found this or any other mistake in these pages, please see below for e-mail contact information.

Data Mining

Sorry, this page just doesn’t exist yet.   If I can remember this dream when I wake up I’ll try to put it up right away — anyway, as I said in my message (the long one) :

wide, aligned-center, box, at top left, etc.

If I can find a copy of the message, perhaps in my sent-messages folder, or some such place, I will
(after checking it carefully for inappropriate language unsuitable for the eyes of a minor —
“I’m a miner, data-miner, excavating for a mine ..”, sorry, obligatory lyrical element, plus blurb for
my data-mining page
, not yet on the web — I’m writing it in low-background  —  
 —  see — click to the left now if you
haven’t seen it yet —  and the [slop]sucker ( ) just isn’t coming together [no comment] yet — it will probably be when it is ready) — I will, that is, if I am finished so rudely interupting myself and can continue, forward a copy to you.

damn, that last url is nfg.

right left me too, but nothing a little sleep wouldn’t cure,
and nfg is at least somewhat better than ngf narrow
it is sometimes
hard to tell
when first
put in

wide, left-justified, (except heading), box at bottom-left, etc.

Self-Referential Paradox

The technicolour typeface which should appear at the top of this box, if it is indeed a box, is an anchor for something, but I’ve forgotten what.   If you click the  first link in the box above this one, it should take you to that anchor, but that would be rather pointless, I guess, since both link and anchor are patently on the same page, both above the fold.

… additional self-describing or self-locating lines of text, which can easily be deleted later, when all the charts, tables, and boxes are properly sized, adjusted, and located, can be a big help, as can gif files of the desired sizes which contain only the the text of their filename, the alternate text, their purpose (again as text), their ideal location, and their size in pixels.   narrow, right box on bottom

on writing
or other
test text

    —         dpw

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The thing to understand about the web, is that most things are what they seem to be, unless they are on an adult-access-only page, in which case nothing is what it seems to be.   But some pages, such as this, which is really a non-adult-only page,  I mean a page for non-adults —  but I also mean it is not (i.e. non- ) adult-only, both of which meanings are meant and true, … some pages, as I was saying, while not adult-only, are nevertheless not what they seem to be.   This page, however must surely be exactly what it seems to be, a local test page, or perhaps a real page that is “under contruction”  (most common digram on the web? no, I think “of the”, “to the”, and “the sexy” are much more common) on the author’s own machine, but which as found its way onto the website server because the lazy idiot transfered a whole directory full of files using the one-mouse-click technique, instead of using the more reliable 187-mouse-click method of transfering each file individually.   Had the careless, lazy, and stupid author remembered that the odd miscellaneous files might have accidently gotten into that directory (i.e. folder, for the unix-impaired) by similar acts of laziness involving wildcard (e.g. * or *.*) command-line file transfers, none of this horrible nightmare would ever have happened.

   Other new pages and links to relevant academic sites to come …  ( peek at a few now )


This site is under construction, so some of the links here may not yet go to real pages.   They are not dead links, exactly, more like links trying to be born.

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Project Progress Page

None of these are sex sites, unless you consider SoftwareEXchange to be sex.   It is, of course, and vice versa, but for the purposes of most of these pages software written in the DNA programming language will not be considered as “sex”, which is rather absurd, if you think about it, since software written in the DNA programming language is the very epitome and paradigm of sex..

In order to prevent any malicious or greedy individuals who might want to exploit the reproductive priorities of the young (and old) males (and occasionally females) of our species for personal gain from registering the corresponding dot-com sites and posting erotic fantasy material there, those correlative dot-com sites have also been registered and now belong for roughly the next two years to the now rather penniless individual named below.   He would be glad to receive and consider suggestions for the appropriate use of those dot-com domain names.   Current suggestions include:

  1. Humorous but morally inoffensive parodies of the adult-only sites that one might expect to find at such sites, such as
    • for a site superficially resembling the sites which exploit young female children for sexual purposes, but which is a pure exercise in irony, sarcasm, parody, ridicule, and so on.
    • for a site superficially resembling the sites which offer vibrators, musky scented emollients, whips, chains, and other examples of electromechanical, chemical, primitive biomotivational transportation, primitive mental health restraining, and other technologies for use in sexual fantasies that degrade more than they arouse, but which is (again) a pure exercise in irony, sarcasm, parody, ridicule, and so on.
    • for a site superficially resembling the sites which offer supposedly provocative or arousing pictures of people (and/or other species) with unusual physical attributes, salient features, or deformities, such as extremely large or (oddly enough) extremely small organs in their erogenous zones, extreme physical conditions such as extreme anorexic thinness or (oddly enough) extreme, very extreme, obesity,  — and, or maybe I mean, or, supposedly provocative or arousing pictures of people from diverse racial or ethnic groups, such as tiny African bushman, giant African plainsdwellers, well-insulated Inuit, very white “caucasians”, i.e. white people, very Black or orange “mongoloid”, i.e. eastern asian or somewhat Blackish people, and so on,  … but, as above, is actually a pure exercise in irony, sarcasm, parody, ridicule, and so on.   In this case the featured ethnic group is to be (my personal favourite — dpw), graduate students, people (and/or other species) seeking an advanced degree at an institution of higher learning, such as Oxford, S imon F raser U niversity (my own former institution, where higher learning was often available, sometimes sought, and occasionally even found, but was usually rewarded with an advanced degree none-the-less), and other schools with less of an international reputation, or more of an international reputation, respectively, such as …  your suggestions are welcome.  
    • Instead of the “Humorous but morally inoffensive parodies” suggested above, equally humorous but clearly offensive parodies, such as are much more fun to read and write, but also risk offending people, and are politically incorrect on a medium as international, multilingual, and important as the WWWeb.   See, for more on this topic, the Joke-Free Environment Page (which is entirely serious and narrow-minded in tone, since it was created by such a serious and narrow-minded individual as … well, as the one who wrote these words, to choose and example at random), but may not be entirely what it seems.
    • Oh, well, watch this space.  More ideas have come to mind, and more will probable come to e-mail.   Your suggestions are always welcome, whether serious, humorous, or morally offensive, but unless they fall into at least one of these categories at least, they may not see print or be transmitted as bit represented by any electrical currents or voltages for quite some time yet to come.

(Personally, I don’t quite understand the third and last of these suggestions for the use of the newly minted dot-com sites, but, personally I don’t understand quite a lot of things, and that has never prevented my from making a fool of myself
 — dpw)

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Other relevant content:

New: Social Technology through Diagrams

New: Social Techs novel online

New: Social Technology Blog

New: Social Technology Wiki

Please see these web pages:

The main Social Technology page.

Find Compatibles , the key page, with the real solution to all other problems explained

Technological Fantasies , a page about future technology

Social Tech a page about Social Technology, technology for social purposes.  I think I was the first person to use this phrase on the Internet, quite a long time ago.

Roughly corresponding to these web pages are the following blogs :

Social Technology the main blog, hosted on this site, with posts imported from the following blogs, which still exist and are useable.

Find Compatibles devoted to matching people with friends, lovers, jobs, places to live and so on, but doing so in ways that will actually work, using good math, good algorithms, good analysis.

Technological Fantasies devoted to future stuff, new ideas, things that might be invented or might happen, such as what is listed above and below.

Sex-Politics-Religion is a blog about these important topics, which I have been told should never be mentioned in polite conversation.  Alright that advice does seem a bit dated, but many people are still told not to bring up these subjects around the dinner table.

I believe I was the first person on the Internet to use the phrase Social Technology — years before the Web existed.

Those were the good old days, when the number of people using the net exceeed the amount of content on it, so that it was easy to start a discussion about such an upopular topic.  Now things are different.  There are so many web pages that the chances of anyone finding this page are low, even with good search engines like Google.   Oh, well.

By Social Technology I mean the technology for organizing and maintaining human society.  The example I had most firmly in mind is the subject of  Find Compatibles , what I consider to be the key page, the one with the real solution to all other problems explained.

As I explained on my early mailing lists and later webpages, I find that social technology has hardly improved at all over the years.   We still use representative democracy, exactly the same as it was used in the 18th century.  By contrast, horse and buggy transporation has been replaced by automobiles and airplanes, enormous changes.

In the picture below you will see some 18th century technology, such as the ox-plow in the middle of the picture.  How things have changed since then in agricultural technology.  But we still use chance encounters, engagements and marriages to organize our home life and the raising of children.  

I claim that great advances in social technology are not only possible but inevitable.  I have written three novels about this, one preposterously long, 5000 pages, another merely very very long, 1500 pages.  The third is short enough at 340 pages to be published some day.  Maybe.  The topic is still not interesting to most people.   I will excerpt small parts of these novels on the web sometime, maybe even post the raw text for the larger two.

This site includes many pages dating from 1997 to 2008 which are quite out of date.  They are included here partly to show the development of these ideas and partly to cover things the newer pages do not.  There will be broken links where these pages referenced external sites.  I’ve tried to fix up or maiintain all internal links, but some will probably have been missed.   One may wish to look at an earlier version of this page , rather longer, and at an overview of most parts of what can be called a bigger project.

Type in this address to e-mail me.  The image is interesting.  See Status of Social Technology

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I have used a series of e-mail address over the years, each of which eventually became out of date because of a change of Internet services or became almost useless because of spam.  Eventually I stuck with a Yahoo address, but my inbox still fills up with spam and their spam filter still removes messages I wanted to see.  So I have switched to a new e-mail service.  Web spiders should not be able to find it, since it is hidden in a jpeg picture.   I have also made it difficult to reach me.  The picture is not a clickable link.  To send me e-mail you must want to do so badly enough to type this address in.  That is a nuisance, for which I do apologize, but I just don’t want a lot of mail from people who do not care about what I have to say.


Idea List

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