Does Computer Dating Work?

Does Computer Dating Work?   Yes .   See also   No .

When this post was first written, as a hand-coded page, there was a good example site, which included astrology, numerology, and palmistry tests, as well as a short questionnaire and an unusual body-shape test.   The consensus of the scientific community is that astrology, numerology, and palmistry are pseudo-sciences, are nonsense, and don’t work.   So if computer dating has anything to do with these apparently worthless pseudo-sciences, then it probably doesn’t work either.   Or does it?

Yes , It Works

  • computer dating is big business with hundreds of service providers
  • some computer dating companies have millions of subscribers
  • some computer dating companies have thousands of new subscribers a day
  • some people have used computer dating to find good lovers and spouses
  • many people have used computer dating and found almost exactly the kind of person they said they wanted
  • reliable statistics are unavailable, but more and more people are using computer dating

No , It Doesn’t Work

  • BUT NO, IT DOESN’T WORK — because the answers it produces are wrong.
  • The data they collect is wrong,
  • there is not enough of it,
  • and they ignore the first derivative, the rate of change of personality — and thus cannot even guess at true long-term compatibility.

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