A Link to One of My Personal Pages On the Old Site

The SocialTechnology.ca website, and whatever sites derive from it, such as the proposed commercial site for the project known sometimes known as CASA, should not contain pages written in the first person singular.   But such pages are harder to write and less easy to read.   So we (plural), SocialTechnology.ca and The Commercial Project Formerly Known As CASA, are happy to provide links to the personal pages of  Douglas P. Wilson.   He, third person singular, and likely to remain singular for the foreseeable future, has a collection of pages that, while having a striking resemblance to the ones here, from common authorship, are nevertheless less — less inaccessible.   Or so he likes to think.   And how can we disagree with him.

Here is a links to a just one of those pages.  It is an  older and much different version of the the old index page, with more links leading from it.

Copyright © 2000 Douglas P. Wilson

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