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Finding Stimulating Social Events to Attend

This post is about finding places to go, people to meet, and events to stimulate your creative mind. It has an inverse, dual or adjoint problem, that of finding people to attend your own social events. Technically, both problems are extremely difficult.

Genuine solutions are rare, perhaps never seen at all except in very small communities where the solutions are trivial. In a tiny community one can, and perhaps should, invite everyone. And in a tiny community, a person could, and perhaps should, go to every event. But even in these situations such perfect solutions are unlikely occur. In any community of significant size, the problems are many-to-many matching problems, almost certainly weighted ones, hard to solve and probably never solved properly.

Most of the content intended for this post will appear in new ones, but this is a rather central topic that is discussed passim in some of the old pages.   You might therefore look at pages on finding friends , places to live , schools , sexual activitie s, political activities , and diverse causes.

The CASA Proposal also contains information on this topic.

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