This project has an important area of application in solving the problems of loneliness and boredom through finding people new friends .  This is much more important than it may sound — few of us ever experience true friendship and so we have lost sight of what this can mean.   The mathematical software being developed and tested on this website will (among many other things) find people almost perfect friendship.  Please participate in our project — it is basically a research project trying to join the real world, but we take it very seriously and plan to offer this free service continuously as we steadily improve the research prototype into a fully operational system.

The mechanism for performing such miracles is described on the (old) index page and the first steps in that direction start with the What Do You Want form.  (Currently that form is only available in a “browser challenged” format intended for browsers without frames, cookies, or Javascript.  A more convenient version of  the form aimed at modern browsers will be available shortly.

For an older page dealing with this topic please see my old page entitled one-in-a-million matches .

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