This is NOT a sex site!

… unless you consider Software EXchange sex. But of course software exchange is sex and sex is software exchange, so

This is a brand new website, which has at the moment of writing (8:32pm PST, Sunday, December 30, 2001) only existed for about half a day.  Please check back in a few days and see what has replaced this silly placeholder page.

For more information on this and related sites, please visit  — but note that to avoid premature search-engine indexing this page will only link to for the next few days, and cannot be reached by following links from that page.

Most of what follows is for use during the next few days as this site is put together — in terms that may sound more appropriate for an actual sex site but are spelled only almost-the-same way, let me say I hope we come together soon.

The use of phoney sexual innuendo to make a boring site seem more interesting and therefore more worthy of continued study (not to say exploitation) is discussed (or soon will be) on our sister site at one of the triplets created earlier today.   As an example, any male (or female, for that matter) person seeking the companionship of twin sisters and daydreaming of someday finding triplets may, instead of finding subjects for his (or her) reproductive practice sessions, find this site or the MemeticFlowers site, or the third sister site, TechnologicalFantasies.which is, of course at a TechnologicalFantasies site — or soon will be once an appropriate

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