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CASApedia :

This group is for discussion of Computer Assisted Social Activity, the use of recommender systems together with hi-tech graph theoretic combinatorial matching to improve or transform society by ensuring that each person can find a good job, good friends, and a truly compatible spouse. All of this is described on the new website (too new? maybe — it should be available soon, please stay tuned). The morpheme “pedia” after the acronym CASA in the group e-mail address is in memory of the late lamented Interpedia project, which though never born, may yet live again. See .

Some of CASA is described in casa.html and in dpwilson.html and even in http://www.CASocialActivity.Com which is the website associated with the CASAZoo , a home for wild, untamed, beasts banned from this Computer Assisted Social Activity group, CASApedia, and all other groups with the same moderator.


This was once a mailing list for communications amongst people with some interest in Computer Assisted Social Activity and especially the commercial venture described in the CASA Proposal at, and in helping to implement the contents of that proposal for an Internet-based enterprise through the website — in the narrow sense this mailing list was intended for the CASA or management team.

From the beginning there was a lot bad behaviour of one group member and the moderator finally decided to banish him. But at the last moment he decided to create a new group from whom that pathetic individual would be banned, leaving the offender the choice of staying in this open old group or starting a group of his own.

This would keep the offending messages online for sociological study and perhaps lead to the creation of even more of such valuable specimens of early-21st century culture. In the light of this change, the name and e-mail address of the group has been changed to something more appropriate.


This mailing list is just what its name suggests, a place for posting requests that certain pieces of free software that you want but can’t find on the net or web, be written for you — and for everybody else, too. This page is intended for free open-source software, as is the (soon to be available) associated website, (domain registered, but not ready for access yet) — but non-open-source is OK, too, and even non-free is OK, or almost OK, acceptable but discouraged. A close relative, a sister mailing list, is associated with and can be joined by sending a blank e-mail to

— and yet another sister group is associated with and is called SoftwareFantasies (No, not one of those sites. There are no provocative entertainment with programmers pictures anywhere on that site, and never will be).  To join that group, send a blank e-mail to

— of course the big free open-source development site (not one of mine, I’m sorry to say) is the revolutionary and highly successful which is almost too successful, being always busy, making downloading often quite slow even if you have a high-speed cable modem connection as I do.


This group will discuss, organize, and inititate the Global Learning Games to be developed and played on the Internet and/or WorldWideWeb, with special attention to the needs of illiterate people who have only occasional access to a computer, but at the same time, with support for extremely sophisticated games for the world’s elite. In all cases learning will be the goal, but this educational experience will be self-organizing with the help of hi-tech mechanisms such as data-mining, recommender systems, and combinatiorial optimization and graph theory. All non-profict, but see also

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