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This page is a quick and dirty prototype and shouldn’t be up on the web at all — it is here just for proofing and link testing, and will be replaced almost immediately by something longer and (probably) better.  

(Local Home Page)  — may be made available on the web, via ,  but wouldn’t be if the author had any common decency.  

(many of the following links are probably broken, but are included anyway) (those listed as local may still work, hosted elsewhere).

New:  Social Technology ANALYSIS and DESIGN/PLAN pages

New: Memetic Technology — dotcom

New: List of All Domains with links

New: ST2 new version by Pamela Jones

New OnePageSummary requested by Pamela Jones

New: , and MathematicalGenealogy.Com , too


New: or locally, here  

New: here (locally) is

New: Fall wrap-up — messages prepared and sent to each group or mailing list I manage, including new groups established for new domain names.

Real WWWeb HomePage:

New:  graphical bitmap image interface

New:  Mathematical Theology — “There can be only one!”

New: Mathematical Models of the Motion Picture Industry

         — especially, that in Canada and even more especially in B.C.

New: Table Nesting Tables (not yet obtained) [ Formal* ] [ Physic* ] Axiomati* Axiomati* Digital* Philosoph*

The Light is too bright.  It is shining and me-eyeing.

Note: 479-7526

on the diatonic scale of C major, in which we use the number 1 otr the syllabic coe ‘So’ to stand for  C., e.g. middle C.  


C  D  E  F  G  A  B  C  D  E  F  G  A  B  C  D  E  F  G  A  B  C  D  E  F  G  A  B  C  D

  1  2  3  4  5  6  8 91011121314151617181920212223242426272829303132

New: about viruses (in the man, in the machine, and in the ghost in the machine.

New:  non-Inventions seeking a commercial manufacturer e.g. deadman’s switches, and deadman’s panel and switch activators, hostage-situation silent-messagers, smoke-alarm-messagers, etc.  —  web domain ElizaSecurity.Com  (named after various female ancestors, of course …)

New:  Domain-name registrar anonymous name-check monitoring and recording site, to protect you from domain-name pre-emption by registrars offering this service.

New: Prettier Page Experiments

New: software fantasy — command to download zip of all messages sent and webpages

New: Travesties and Evocations are not Algorithmic Composition of either music or text

New: Function of Music domain and discussion group

New:   Step-by-step explanation from Recommender Systems through to SNO and CASA

[insert almost real idea-list/to-do-list no further down the page than this — e.g. group-monthly-reminder autopost]

This page is currently a local home page on one of my machines — it comes up in an HTML editor whenever I reboot the machine.   If you have found it on the web, that may be a mistake, for the web version shouldn’t have the heading above or this short paragraph.   If you have found this or any other mistake in these pages, please contact me by clicking this mailto link.

NEW: Application Areas

NEW: Commercially Viable Altruism

NEW: GroupDescriptions

NEW: Non-Arbitrary Languages

NEW:  Domain and Website Lists

NEW: FreeSoftwareRequests

NEW:   SoftwareFantasies , to hosted at FreeSoftwareRequests.Com




NEW:   My List of My Lists

NEW:   Distant Cousins

NEW:   Doug Wilson’s Homepage

NEW:   Does Computer Dating Work?

NEW:   News — a more informal version of the old Progress Report page.

NEW:   Forest Fire Fighting — an example Technological Fantasy on the new website

NEW:  InterpediaDevelopment

NEW:   Nodal Points, Invariants, and Equations

NEW:   Flowers and Fantasies  —  an explanation of these and other important keywords.

NEW:   Reinventing the Wheel

NEW:   An Introduction to Social Algorithms

NEW:   System Leibniz            also new, a Novelty, perhaps someday a novel

NEW:   newSocTechdomains.html

NEW:  or would be new, if it existed, dat ist mineown  Data-Mining page.

Partial List of Contents      (memo2dpw: move the following list down — it is only here to be “above the fold”)

  • Approximation algorithms for some very large combinatorial optimization problems

  • a joke-free environment

  • help

  • programming languages (my complaints and suggestions — and what I actually use)

    ———————— even cruder and rougher material follows : please avert your eyes ! ———————–

    Ideas and Projects

    Currently this page is called idealist.html and it may go up as idealist.html or something like that.  It originated as a personal ToDo list but may become a ToDo list for anyone interested in helping .   For example, that link was probably broken, perhaps pre-broken, a euphemism for never-existed-at-all.  If it is actually a working link it is may be because some kind soul fixed it (wrote up a new page for it) or perhaps I finally got around to writing one myself  (first person comments are all by me — dpw).

    There may soon be a Wiki version in which people can add or amend entries.

    To start with, three main topics in approximate chronological order:

    1. the Acronymic Language , and related linguistic work

    2. the Social Network Optimization or CASA, and related ideas

    3. the concept of Social Technology

    Each of these has a page of it’s own, referring back to this one.   On those pages you will find an attempt to explain some big important ideas.   If you think these ideas are not important or you think they are simply wrong , please explain why, either by e-mail , or better yet by putting up a web page.   If you don’t have a website or don’t write HTML, a guest-book page will (soon) be available for your comments, which will then appear on the web from this site, regardless of how much disagreement they express.    The will be some WikiWiki pages too, which you can easily edit online.

    Newer: temporary web pages to explain changes

    New!  The Acronymic Language Report .

    Term Extraction

    (NOTE:   to do!  reiterate point-of-view metaphor (point of view) and join to large scale overview of human history that embeds combinatorial optimizaton ideas.)

    >>>——- now descend even further into the hell of first draft material ———->>>

    (This is mainly a list of projects, so I am writing it directly in HTML — to spare myself the list-formatting and reformatting problems).   (Front the list, explain later).  ( Push on with this — if you can’t even produce a list of what you are working on you’re truly screwed up ).   (Leave it up as much as possible, maybe on startup).

    This is a list of ideas, some of which have become projects or proto-projects, often tiny attempts at something much too large for any one person to undertake seriously.    The underlying idea behind this list of ideas could be called “mutual support” or “mutual credibility enhancement”,  since several of these ideas seem rather farfetched in isolation but are somewhat more credible (I think) when considered together with the others.

    Most of these ideas are ones I thought up myself  (I think)  — but that doesn’t mean I was the first person to come up with them.   Probably not.   And I was certainly influenced by other people, even when I don’t remember that.   Other ideas are ones I’m sure originated with other people, but which seem to belong in this collection.   (bare list, detail below)

    • Social Technology  — see, but also, more informally, my explanation of the concept.

    • Word-Pair Semantic Networking Coordinates — overly formal name for long, well developed project

    • etc.   I don’t think I have one-liners for remaining projects, so I’ll stop here and go to longer explanations

    With somewhat more detail  —

    • Universal Coordinate System   —  pretty damn universal!

    Down near the bottom of this page, here, I’d like to add some comments about the medium and how I use it, with a few words about some alternatives.   The alternatives, like WikiWiki, may not be alternatives so much as supplements.  The advantage of plain old web pages is the (almost) complete control they offer the author.   I can write anything I want on these pages, put them up on my (rented) website, and leave them there immune from reader edits until I change them myself.    With Wiki the pages may be edited over and over by large numbers of people, who can add what they want or delete anything they don’t want.   Each reader has total control over the content of the page, but only until the next reader decides to change it.   Weird.   But rather wonderful, too.   People do edit things, and as they do so they participate.   Getting people to participate in anything is usually hard and most web pages sit idly by, ignored by almost everybody, since almost everybody remains completely uninvolved.

       Other new pages and links to relevant academic sites to come …  ( peek at a few now )


    This site is under construction, so some of the links here may not yet go to real pages.   They are not dead links, exactly, more like links trying to be born.

    Forms Index

    Original home page

    Site Map

    New Home Page

    Please add a link to this page from your own

    Project Planning Page

    Doug Wilson’s home page

    Project Progress Page

    Copyright © 2001 Douglas P. Wilson

    This is a partially edited “standard footer” which will replace the one above.  It currently contains exciting (to me) new information — a News Flash!  New domain names have been registered and new pages are being written at a feverish pace, because I have this big feverish-pace thing going on and just had to find a use for it.


    This site is under construction, so some of the links here may not yet go to real pages.   They are not dead links, exactly, more like links trying to be born. (haven’t changed that part, trite though it is — perhaps because I’m getting kinda trite my self these days and have a new found sense of sympathy with all decaying worn out things — but, some of the apparently identical links below now point to different pages.  But none of that is the exciting new part.   The exciting new part is at the very bottom of the page).

    Forms Index

    Original home page

    Site Map

    New Home Page

    Please add a link to this page from your own

    Project Planning Page

    Doug Wilson’s home page

    Project Progress Page

    Please consider checking out one of our new sister sites, if that is the correct gender for web sites, which are:

    None of these are sex sites, unless you consider SoftwareEXchange to be sex.   It is, of course, and vice versa, but for the purposes of most of these pages software written in the DNA programming language will not be considered as “sex”, which is rather absurd, if you think about it, since software written in the DNA programming language is the very epitome and paradigm of sex..

    In order to prevent any malicious or greedy individuals who might want to exploit the reproductive priorities of the young (and old) males (and occasionally females) of our species for personal gain from registering the corresponding dot-com sites and posting erotic fantasy material there, those correlative dot-com sites have also been registered and now belong for roughly the next two years to the now rather penniless individual named below.   He would be glad to receive and consider suggestions for the appropriate use of those dot-com domain names.   Current suggestions include:

    1. Humorous but morally inoffensive parodies of the adult-only sites that one might expect to find at such sites, such as

      • for a site superficially resembling the sites which exploit young female children for sexual purposes, but which is a pure exercise in irony, sarcasm, parody, ridicule, and so on.

      • for a site superficially resembling the sites which offer vibrators, musky scented emollients, whips, chains, and other examples of electromechanical, chemical, primitive biomotivational transportation, primitive mental health restraining, and other technologies for use in sexual fantasies that degrade more than they arouse, but which is (again) a pure exercise in irony, sarcasm, parody, ridicule, and so on.

      • for a site superficially resembling the sites which offer supposedly provocative or arousing pictures of people (and/or other species) with unusual physical attributes, salient features, or deformities, such as extremely large or (oddly enough) extremely small organs in their erogenous zones, extreme physical conditions such as extreme anorexic thinness or (oddly enough) extreme, very extreme, obesity,  — and, or maybe I mean, or, supposedly provocative or arousing pictures of people from diverse racial or ethnic groups, such as tiny African bushman, giant African plainsdwellers, well-insulated Inuit, very white “caucasians”, i.e. white people, very Black or orange “mongoloid”, i.e. eastern asian or somewhat Blackish people, and so on,  … but, as above, is actually a pure exercise in irony, sarcasm, parody, ridicule, and so on.   In this case the featured ethnic group is to be (my personal favourite — dpw), graduate students, people (and/or other species) seeking an advanced degree at an institution of higher learning, such as Oxford, S imon F raser U niversity (my own former institution, where higher learning was often available, sometimes sought, and occasionally even found, but was usually rewarded with an advanced degree none-the-less), and other schools with less of an international reputation, or more of an international reputation, respectively, such as …  your suggestions are welcome.  

    2. Instead of the “Humorous but morally inoffensive parodies” suggested above, equally humorous but clearly offensive parodies, such as are much more fun to read and write, but also risk offending people, and are politically incorrect on a medium as international, multilingual, and important as the WWWeb.   See, for more on this topic, the Joke-Free Environment Page (which is entirely serious and narrow-minded in tone, since it was created by such a serious and narrow-minded individual as … well, as the one who wrote these words, to choose and example at random), but may not be entirely what it seems.

    3. Oh, well, watch this space.  More ideas have come to mind, and more will probable come to e-mail.   Your suggestions are always welcome, whether serious, humorous, or morally offensive, but unless they fall into at least one of these categories at least, they may not see print or be transmitted as bit represented by any electrical currents or voltages for quite some time yet to come.

    (Personally, I don’t quite understand the third and last of these suggestions for the use of the newly minted dot-com sites, but, personally I don’t understand quite a lot of things, and that has never prevented my from making a fool of myself
     — dpw)

    New :  a dot_com-only site, that is to say, a site I have registered only as a dot_com and may therefore someday be an actual commercial site, though it was created with any commercial intentions.   It is and exist to for the creation and distribution of a piece of free open-source software designed to allow the person who has a sudden flash of insight at an awkward hour to quickly and conveniently create a memo capturing this idea, which will then be automagically given redundant storage on a local hard-disk, a cd-rom drive, and over the Internet to some appropriate location.   After the memo is stored it will also be considered as an item of data, which will then be processed in many elaborate ways while the groggy innovator goes back to sleep.   The name is also something of an in-joke, attempt at sarcasm, or perhaps just wishful thinking, since it alludes to the faint hope of actually being at or near sleep at midnight, something I almost never achieve.    —   dpw

    Here is a link to a local copy of  the home page, and to another copy of the page on another site .

    Please see for more information and an example of a MemeticFlower that was once a MidnightMemo.   If I am editing this page and need a local copy of that example, it will be here — but if you click on that link it will probably take you to an actuall web page on the WWWeb.

    New:  Two old pages now as one.   Please look at the, well, newish page on Rank Ordering .

    Copyright © 2001-2002  Douglas P. Wilson

    Copyright © 2009   Douglas Pardoe Wilson

    Other relevant content:

    New: Social Technology through Diagrams

    New: Social Techs novel online

    New: Social Technology Blog

    New: Social Technology Wiki

    Please see these web pages:

    The main Social Technology page.

    Find Compatibles , the key page, with the real solution to all other problems explained

    Technological Fantasies , a page about future technology

    Social Tech a page about Social Technology, technology for social purposes.  I think I was the first person to use this phrase on the Internet, quite a long time ago.

    Roughly corresponding to these web pages are the following blogs :

    Social Technology the main blog, hosted on this site, with posts imported from the following blogs, which still exist and are useable.

    Find Compatibles devoted to matching people with friends, lovers, jobs, places to live and so on, but doing so in ways that will actually work, using good math, good algorithms, good analysis.

    Technological Fantasies devoted to future stuff, new ideas, things that might be invented or might happen, such as what is listed above and below.

    Sex-Politics-Religion is a blog about these important topics, which I have been told should never be mentioned in polite conversation.  Alright that advice does seem a bit dated, but many people are still told not to bring up these subjects around the dinner table.

    I believe I was the first person on the Internet to use the phrase Social Technology — years before the Web existed.

    Those were the good old days, when the number of people using the net exceeed the amount of content on it, so that it was easy to start a discussion about such an upopular topic.  Now things are different.  There are so many web pages that the chances of anyone finding this page are low, even with good search engines like Google.   Oh, well.

    By Social Technology I mean the technology for organizing and maintaining human society.  The example I had most firmly in mind is the subject of  Find Compatibles , what I consider to be the key page, the one with the real solution to all other problems explained.

    As I explained on my early mailing lists and later webpages, I find that social technology has hardly improved at all over the years.   We still use representative democracy, exactly the same as it was used in the 18th century.  By contrast, horse and buggy transporation has been replaced by automobiles and airplanes, enormous changes.

    In the picture below you will see some 18th century technology, such as the ox-plow in the middle of the picture.  How things have changed since then in agricultural technology.  But we still use chance encounters, engagements and marriages to organize our home life and the raising of children.  

    I claim that great advances in social technology are not only possible but inevitable.  I have written three novels about this, one preposterously long, 5000 pages, another merely very very long, 1500 pages.  The third is short enough at 340 pages to be published some day.  Maybe.  The topic is still not interesting to most people.   I will excerpt small parts of these novels on the web sometime, maybe even post the raw text for the larger two.

    This site includes many pages dating from 1997 to 2008 which are quite out of date.  They are included here partly to show the development of these ideas and partly to cover things the newer pages do not.  There will be broken links where these pages referenced external sites.  I’ve tried to fix up or maiintain all internal links, but some will probably have been missed.   One may wish to look at an earlier version of this page , rather longer, and at an overview of most parts of what can be called a bigger project.

    Type in this address to e-mail me.  The image is interesting.  See Status of Social Technology

    Copyright © 2007, 2008, 2009, Douglas Pardoe Wilson

    I have used a series of e-mail address over the years, each of which eventually became out of date because of a change of Internet services or became almost useless because of spam.  Eventually I stuck with a Yahoo address, but my inbox still fills up with spam and their spam filter still removes messages I wanted to see.  So I have switched to a new e-mail service.  Web spiders should not be able to find it, since it is hidden in a jpeg picture.   I have also made it difficult to reach me.  The picture is not a clickable link.  To send me e-mail you must want to do so badly enough to type this address in.  That is a nuisance, for which I do apologize, but I just don’t want a lot of mail from people who do not care about what I have to say.


    The Acronymic Language and related work

    the concept of Social Technology and related ideas

    More Changes

    Copyright © 2009   Douglas Pardoe Wilson

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