Attractive Sex Organs for Memetic Organisms

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New:  Useful example — HTML generator program with source code is a non-profit organization devoted to … well, actually, does not really exist yet, except as a trivial organization with no legal status, whose membership includes only the author of this web page,.If after reading this page you agree that the stated Goals of this Organization are indeed worthwhile, you may wish to contact the author and offer you help via his e-mail address, given below.

What is a Meme?  What is a Flower?

If you truly know and understand the meanings of these terms then it will immediately be obvious what Memetic Flowers are and you have no need of the brief explanations that appear below.  

Brief Explanations

Currently this section is little more than the description paragraph for the former MemeticFlowers mailing list, slightly reformatted., as the website was called, when it had its own site, for the creation and application of open-source software and HTML templates for use in setting up websites which may be attractive reproductive organs for memetic organisms.  The idea is to permit a user create a complete webside by providing only a small amount of information.

Currently the target package is actually this:

  1. a registered domain name like “”
  2. a website homepage for this domain (see apology below re: detour)
  3. a discussion group (mailing list) for this topic, like the one for MemeticFlowers, which you can visit at and subscribe to by sending a blank e-mail to

This website and the Memetic Flowers mailing list will also be used for theoretical and pragmatic discussions of memetic flowers, so long as excessive discussion does not interfere with the actual software development work to be done.  If that happens the discussion will be moved elsewhere.

Flowers, of course, are the reproductive organs of angiosperm plants, and this word can be used by analogy to mean the reproductive organs of meme-complexes or memetic organisms.

Memes, of course, are the information or software analogues of genes, as first described by Richard Dawkins in his excellent book The Selfish Gene .  This is the same analogy that exists between computer viruses and ordinary genetic viruses such as the AIDS or common cold viruses.

We could surely find a less poetic but probably more accurate name for memetic flowers, but to do so would be to ignore the reproductive potential of catchy names.

Goals of this Organization

  • collaborative creation of open-source software and webpage templates for use in quickly creating webpages, mailing lists, and other reproductive organs for good ideas and other memes which deserve reproduction
  • discussion of the meme meme in theory and practice, with special attention to how a meme-complex can reproduce itself and how to make that reproduction easier by creating attractive reproductive organs such as webpages
  • the growth and propagation of the meme-complex or organism known as as a non-profit organization independent of the parent organization,

How You Can Help

The quality of this website and the importance of the MemeticFlowers organization will depend on the number of people involved.  Inviting other people to participate is the only way to build this organization, and “word of mouth” (or “word of e-mail”) is the best way to make this happen.   So please, help with the birth and growth of this memetic organism by sending the URL of this memetic flower to your friends and associates.   Other ways to help include writing new web pages for us or providing graphics to spice up existing pages.   Until a wishlist page is created to describe possible new pages and the desired graphics, you may discuss participating in this project with the author of this web pageb


As an example of what is to come, here is a piece of software which actually does something useful. All of the software distributed through this site will be open source and it will usually be written in Python. Usually this software will simply be described and a download link will be provided, but for this first example the input file, source code, and output file will all be included on this page.

This first program was written because the author of this web page needed it, so it is indeed something useful. What was needed was a simple HTML code generator to generate HTML for a page in which all of the internal subject headings are given first as clickable links. Below is the input file, which begins with a single title line, then continues with all the section headings to be included in the resulting HTML file.

Input Data
Detailed Step by Step Explanation Recommender Systems seen as communications media Recommender Systems as communications media with auto-connection Recommender Systems as communications media with auto-summary Two-Way Recommender Systems Two-Way Recommender Systems limited to finding e-mail discussion groups The Combinatorial Explosion versus Two-Way Recommender Systems The Pool Size Problem and how it makes the Combinatorial Explosion worse Graph Theoretic and Combinatorial Optimization Solutions Recommender with Combinatorial Optimization for finding e-mail discussion groups Going beyond e-mail discussion groups to e-mail network optimization Going beyond e-mail discussion groups to other social activities and groupings Enlarging the approach from e-mail network optimization to Social Network Optimization Social Network Analysis, Social Network Synthesis, and Social Network Optimization Computer Assisted Social Activity for Social Network Optimization – CASA Problems with implementing SNO and CASA — privacy and security Problems with implementing SNO and CASA — Pool Size and Computing Power Enlarging the Pool Size to include more people — non-networked & non-computer-users Enlarging the Pool Size to include everybody Enlarging the Pool Size to include anybody — getting started

The Python source code for processing this data is given below — it may also be downloaded by clicking on or . It has most recently been used with Python 2.1 but almost certainly works with earlier versions. To actually use this program you will have to install Python, of course, but that very nice language may be downloaded for free from , works on almost all computers, and is very easy to install. # — copyright (c) 2001 Douglas P. Wilson but may be freely # redistributed as long as this notice is included in all copies. import sys import string comLineArgs = sys.argv argCount = len(comLineArgs) # or, more simply sys.argc if argCount <> 3: print “” This program takes a list of subject headings and makes an HTML file from it. The input file must have one subject heading per line, but the first line of the file must be the page title. The HTML file that is written will begin with a list of the subject headings, one per line, with each line being an internal link, then will include the headings as HTML headings which are also anchors. usage: python inFileName outFileName” “” else: inFile = open(comLineArgs[1], “r” ) outFile = open(comLineArgs[2], “w” ) title = string.strip(inFile.readline()) print >>outFile, “<html><head><title>” print >>outFile, title print >>outFile, “</title></head><body><h1>” print >>outFile, title print >>outFile, “</h1>” while 1: thisLine = string.strip(inFile.readline()) if thisLine: outLine = + ‘” #’ + thisLine + ‘”>’ print >>outFile, outLine print >>outFile, thisLine print >>outFile, “</a><br>” else: break inFile.close() inFile = open(comLineArgs[1], “r” ) # now read inFile again thisLine = string.strip(inFile.readline()) # first, read and ignore title while 1: thisLine = string.strip(inFile.readline()) if thisLine: print >>outFile, “<h3>” outLine = “<a name=” + ‘”‘ + thisLine + ‘”>’ print >>outFile, outLine print >>outFile, thisLine print >>outFile, “</a>” print >>outFile, “</h3>” else: break print >>outFile,


Related Web Pages are:

The main Social Technology page.

FindCompatibles , the key page, with the real solution to all other problems explained

Technological Fantasies , a page about future technology

Practical Immortality , not the immortality of the body, nor making a copy of the mind in a machine,  but actual transfer of a person, personality, memory  and consciousness into a supercomputer

Social Tech a page about Social Technology, technology for social purposes.  I think I was the first person to use this phrase on the Internet, quite a long time ago.

Roughly corresponding to these web pages are the following blogs :

FindCompatibles devoted to matching people with friends, lovers, jobs, places to live and so on, but doing so in ways that will actually work, using good math, good algorithms, good analysis.

Technological Fantasies devoted to future stuff, new ideas, things that might be invented or might happen, such as what is listed above and below.

Practical Immortality yes, practical immortality.   Don’t write this off as insanity, please.  See the first entry in the blog first.

Sex-Politics-Religion is a blog about these important topics, which I have been told should never be mentioned in polite conversation.  Alright that advice does seem a bit dated, but many people are still told not to bring up these subjects around the dinner table.

I believe I was the first person on the Internet to use the phrase Social Technology — years before the Web existed.

Those were the good old days, when the number of people using the net exceeed the amount of content on it, so that it was easy to start a discussion about such an upopular topic.  Now things are different.  There are so many web pages that the chances of anyone finding this page are low, even with good search engines like Google.   Oh, well.

By Social Technology I mean the technology for organizing and maintaining human society.  The example I had most firmly in mind is the subject of  FindCompatibles , what I consider to be the key page, the one with the real solution to all other problems explained.

As I explained on my early mailing lists and later webpages, I find that social technology has hardly improved at all over the years.   We still use representative democracy, exactly the same as it was used in the 18th century.  By contrast, horse and buggy transporation has been replaced by automobiles and airplanes, enormous changes.

In the picture below you will see some 18th century technology, such as the ox-plow in the middle of the picture.  How things have changed since then in agricultural technology.  But we still use chance encounters, engagements and marriages to organize our home life and the raising of children.  

I claim that great advances in social technology are not only possible but inevitable.  I have written three novels about this, one preposterously long, 5000 pages, another merely very very long, 1500 pages.  The third is short enough at 340 pages to be published some day.  Maybe.  The topic is still not interesting to most people.   I will excerpt small parts of these novels on the web sometime, maybe even post the raw text for the larger two.

This site includes many pages dating from 1997 to 2008 which are quite out of date.  They are included here partly to show the development of these ideas and partly to cover things the newer pages do not.  There will be broken links where these pages referenced external sites.  I’ve tried to fix up or maiintain all internal links, but some will probably have been missed.   One may wish to look at an earlier version of this page , rather longer, and at an overview of most parts of what can be called a bigger project.

Type in this address to e-mail me.  The image is interesting.  See Status of Social Technology

Copyright © 2007, 2008, 2009, Douglas Pardoe Wilson

I have used a series of e-mail address over the years, each of which eventually became out of date because of a change of Internet services or became almost useless because of spam.  Eventually I stuck with a Yahoo address, but my inbox still fills up with spam and their spam filter still removes messages I wanted to see.  So I have switched to a new e-mail service.  Web spiders should not be able to find it, since it is hidden in a jpeg picture.   I have also made it difficult to reach me.  The picture is not a clickable link.  To send me e-mail you must want to do so badly enough to type this address in.  That is a nuisance, for which I do apologize, but I just don’t want a lot of mail from people who do not care about what I have to say.

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