ReInventing the Wheel

This post comes from an old quick and dirty prototype for use only while this website was under construction.   For design notes and other comments about this page please see the Notes section at the bottom of the page..  

This page is intended to have both a humorous and a serious component.   Please see the Notes section for information about cartoons and jokes that are planned for this page.   The UrJoke about reinventing the wheel, from which all the other jokes about it evolved, goes something like this:

Earnest Project Manager:    Surely we can re-use existing technology here — there is no need to reinvent the wheel.

Jaded Software Engineer:   But I don’t think we have actually invented the wheel yet — we’ve got it down to a regular pentagon, but that doesn’t roll very well.   We are still working on a reliable solution to the problem.

This would make a great Dilbert cartoon, and may have actually been a Dilbert cartoon, but it predates Dilbert by several decades at least.  There may have been primitive — crudely polygonal — versions of the joke in medieval times.   Versions attributed to Archimedes are probably apocryphal.

The serious component intended for this page is less under-construction, having already been written and even posted in various places, but still needs to be collected.    It includes, for example, a discussion of computer programming languages, not one of which is even a regular polygon yet.


  • The best way to get cartoons and other humorous items for this page would be to persuade other people to contribute them.
  • A cartoon or joke that makes some useful point while remaining funny, and therefore helps to propagate the associated meme, can be called a memetic flower.
  • this page (like most web pages) is still under-construction but will probably not get far beyond a first draft until somebody else decides to contribute to it (or takes it over completely)

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