Technological Fantasies

This post was taken from the home page of a site about future technology.   I am less concerned with how practical the ideas are than I am with the ideas themselves.  I call these Technological Fantasies.

I used to have a very different web site of this name, expensively hosted with its own domain name.  Should have kept it alive regardless of cost, but didn’t. Anyway, I have have many technological fantasies and hope you have more. Here are some which evolved during the writing of a giant novel, called, of course, Technological Fantasies.

1. A system for actually finding compatible people for various reasons, one which would actually work, unlike such things as dating services.

See the FindCompatibles web page and blog listed here for information.

2. Practical immortality in a virtual world, but an actual transfer of personality to that medium, not just creation of a copy. See the Practical Immortality website and blog listed here for more information.

3. Small computers which are entirely wireless, getting power from sunlight, communicating by digital radio. One example from the book is a computer the size of a grain of sand. In that chapter one of the characters displays a whole handfull of such sand, which can not only communicate by digital radio but display text across the combined surfaces of the grains, which have microscopic LEDs on all surfaces. Indeed, using piezoelectric effects, this handfull of sand can receive and process spoken sound, then reply, again with piezoelectric vibrations.

4. A device to be worn, which has enough computer power and powerful enough digital radio links to other computers so it can draw on an enormous computing network. As well as the simple task of acting as a portable phone, this device would support a variety of simple but powerful commands. In the book I mention many, but in particular SysTalk which does not take contact information for any person as a parameter, but simply scans the globe for the best possible match, the person who is the best for you to talk to at that moment, (and the most likely to be free to take your call). Another command is SysTeach, which also takes no parameters but just begins or continues a lesson that is the most appropriate for you at that moment.

Oh, many many more things, my technological fantasies. I would like to hear yours. The complete novel, Technological Fantasies is now available, to be read online or downloaded. The links to these individual volumes may be broken, as they were put on a free site.  Please go to my books page if so. > Volume One   Volume Two   Volume Three   Volume Four   Clicking on these links will usually bring up the pdf file to read online.  To download the files you must save them.  For example in MS Windows you right click on the links then select Save Target As.

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