The Real Plan

So far, the only plan is this:

  • Put everything that has been done so far on the web.
  • Beg for people’s help on every page
  • Appeal to the greed of the greedy who might see the commercial potential
  • Appeal to the idealism of the idealistic who might see the future of social technology for peace, prosperity, and an end to crime, poverty, exploitation, loneliness, ignorance, wasted lives, sexual predation and other social ills.
  • Hope somebody else with more common sense gets involved and makes the rest of us behave.
  • Meanwhile, work away at it, doing whatever we can do ourselves.

But how about a real project plan?   Some work has been done towards on, but not much yet.  A vast amount still needs to be done here, obviously.   A lot of text that might be incorporated has been written, but it badly needs revision.

Copyright © 2000 Douglas P. Wilson

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