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(circa 1998)

I am trying to expand my collection of web pages to include other topics, such as computer programming languages, operating systems, and politics , and will add such links occasionally — so please check back here from time to time, to see what’s new.   I should have a “What’s New” page, I guess, but for now I’ll just add links to the new stuff here, where it will stay until linked in with existing text.

Here is what is new as of  Saturday, January 9th, 1999:

A page about the Global Ideas Bank at the Institute for Social Inventions and the prizes they offer for the best new ideas.

Two ideas from Nicholas Albery, chairman of the Institute for Social Inventions and editor of  “The Book of Visions” and “World’s Best Ideas” and other ISI publications.

Here’s what was new as of Sunday, Dec. 20th, 1998 —

An easier and less controversial matching problem, matching people for communication on the web or by e-mail, is described on a page I call ” Net Net Baud Rate “, (a silly play on words).  The material there is not actually very technical, despite the name.

For the sake of communicating with a correspondent who takes objection to my attempt to reduce the whole of  human communication to “net baud rate”, I am putting up here an essay on reductionism.

I’ve added a page about my educational background , to supplement the one on my academic interests posted earlier.

Here’s what was new as of Friday, Dec. 4th, 1998 —

The Acronymic Language — some more fundamental ideas about the ideal language project discussed elsewhere .

Corporations — ideas about changes to corporate law to reduce the undue influence of large corporations by discouraging predatory behaviour (instead of rewarding it).

Academic Interests — some of my educational background (the whitewashed version).

The Sailboat Metaphor — a discussion of free will and determinism.

The Particle Accelerator Metaphor — an alternative to the sailboat metaphor that emphasizes matching.

Here’s what was new as of Monday, Nov. 2nd, 1998 —

The Video Store example , an example of some of the methods that can be applied to provide people with useful suggestions.

Business Applications , which addresses more general  business applications of these methods, including team formation by matching co-workers in a business and using carefully matched teams of co-workers to estimate important numbers such as project costs or even stock prices.

Crime and Punishment spells out why the future world I describe will have almost no crime, together with ideas for dealing with today’s prisoners and the very few criminals which may exist in the future.

Here is what was new as of Monday, Oct. 26, 1998 —

The Social Technology Page is a new title for the page formerly called “The Idea of Social Technology”, and it contains new content as well, including the anchors for the above two links.

These pages were new  as of Monday, Oct.19, 1998 —

The Role of Requirements Analysis in Social Technology

What is combinatorial optimization? What has it to do with jobs?

Power and Influence Structures

Points of View

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