About LifeXene

LifeXene Image and TitleNo matter what is written, this is one of the “Xene” family of sites.  The others are RoomXene.com and MetaXene.com.   RoomXene is the most basic, the most concrete, about matching college roommates.  MetaXene is the most abstract, about matching people with any real or abstract thing, including an idea.

LifeXene fits much better into the usual discussion areas of social technology, as with most of these sites.

The key concept is bipartite matching which is of real use in society.  An existing but poor example of its use today is in some dating services.  I believe these are at least worthless, perhaps even harmful in most cases, but if they used true weighted bipartite matching responsibly they could be of great social benefit.  See my website on interpersonal relationships for more information.

This and all of the “Xene” sites describe something which would benefit enormously from the very large scale collection of social data, which is now possible with recursive exhaustion.

This page was originally the front page of a website is for use in a work of fiction.   Unlike most of my other other book-related sites, this one corresponds to a novel which has not yet been written.  It could end up being part of a half-finished mystery novel with a vaguely social technological basis, or woven into the obscenely large Society Changed.

As well as its use in non-fiction work, this concept will feature prominently in a new work of experimental fiction if and when it is written.  For more information on my experimental fiction, please see my books site.Save